Welcome to the LoginRadius CLIBeta

lr is LoginRadius on the command line. You can perform basic actions of your LoginRadius Admin Console through command line. The actions includes login, logout, email configuration, domain whitelisting etc.


You can find installation instructions on our README.


Run lr login to authenticate. The authentication process uses a web-based browser flow.


lr [flags]
add: add command
delete: delete command
demo: Opens LoginRadius Identity Experience Framework (IDX) of your application
get: get command
help: Help about any command
login: Login to LR account
logout: Logout of LR account
reset-secret: Resets the User App's API secret
set: set command
verify: Verify Email/Password
--help Show help for command
--version Show lr version
Use 'lr <command> <subcommand> --help' for more information about a command.


Thank you for checking out LoginRadius CLI! Please open an issue to send us feedback. We're looking forward to hearing it.